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Welcome to the Babies Boutique BB family!!

Hello, my name is Christine. My family consists of my 2 darling daughters, big sister, Ella Rose and Lily Love, and their amazing dada.  While shopping for clothes for my daughters, I found they all looked the same.  They needed to be as darling as my Ella Rose, That's when I thought of starting BB.  Offering  adorable clothing as unique as your little one.  Allowing her to stand out instead of fitting in.

     As a mother, I feel one of the most important things to teach your little girl is confidence.  Every day starts with choosing what to wear.  It showcases your mood, and paints a picture of the day to come.  At BB we are confident our clothes will bring your little one confidence and inspire her throughout her day.  

     I find myself reflecting on my childhood much more since becoming a mother.  I particularly remember my favorites.  Favorite toy, friend, favorite outfit.  My favorites would light up my day and make me feel so special.  BB focuses on colorful, pretty, playful clothing so every outfit will be her favorite.  I remember my mother teaching me how to accessorize at a young age.  I was going to a dance and ready to walk out the door.  She stopped me and put a necklace and earrings on me, she explained how an outfit is not  complete without accessories.  I take that with me as I dress myself to this day, and with my Babies Boutique collections too.  Every outfit comes with a hair accessory, making the outfit feel polished and complete.  

     The Babies Boutique BB collections focus on all things bright and beautiful.  To let them always shine wherever they go. Inspire beauty to the eyes and confidence to the soul.

                                         To always let them feel and know

                                                         YOU R LOVELY     

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  • Bright Bella
    Bright Bella
    Bright Bella
  • Vintage Bloom
    Precious delicate flowers , buttons and ruffles make up this 2 piece outfit. Soft colors of blue and lace detail this dress and pants. Sizes 2T-7T.
    Vintage Bloom
  • Curious Chloe
    Curious Chloe
    Curious Chloe
  • Lilly Love
    Beautiful 2 piece outfit for girls sizes 2T-7T.  Dress can be worn alone or with leggins. Details of cap sleeves and lace, along with a unique design and soft hues.
    Lilly Love
  • Pure Grace
    Pure Grace
    Pure Grace